A Spiritual New Year’s Resolution

New Year Spiritual resolution
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Whenever a new year begins a lot of people make resolutions. Some stick to it just for a day, some for a week, and some for a month. There are very few people who stick to their resolutions all the year long.

All of us make resolutions and we do it for our progress and development based on our priorities in life. Some of us resolve to exercise daily, some determine to work hard, some to wake up early in the mornings, some for professional advancements whereas some resolve to abscond from smoking, consuming alcohol etc.

Along with all these worldly resolutions we should also make resolution for our spiritual growth. We should make an effort to become a righteous, pure and good human being for which, we need to work on our inner selves by ameliorating our thinking and sense of understanding.

We look at the world through our own perspective. Our perspectives are developed by the culture we have grown in, experiences we have had in life and values we have gained in our life. All of these shape our understanding of things, situations and people. Often we meet someone and after the initial conversations we feel that the person is not good. We make a perception about that person and start to see every act of his with our initially formed perception and tend to neglect the fact that every individual has some or other good qualities too.

It’s worth thinking that why we do not like some people or why some people do not like us? It is because we assess people around us through our worldly vision. The holy scriptures teach us that we are all children of One God. “Ek Pita Ekas ke Hum Barik”. That there exists only one God, we may call Him by any name, but he is one supreme power and we are a part of Him. The same part, which we call soul, gives us life. And as we have an element of God in us, others have it too; other human beings, animals, birds and all the living forms have it within them.

Hence we should pray to the Almighty to bless us with a broadened angle of vision so that we can look at everyone with parity. How will this happen? When we meditate we experience the two manifestations of God, light and sound. As we experience them we start believing that we have something inside us which is not from the outer world.

When we experience the inner light and sound we will realize that the power of god which is working within us is also working within other human beings, animals, plants, it is then that we will consider everyone our own. We will become more sensitive towards every form of life around. Our vision and understanding will be broadened in the true sense.

H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

The one with the right understanding will have the right thoughts. Those with the right thoughts will always use the right words. Those with the right words will do the right things. This is why it is imperative to have the right understanding.

This New Year, for our overall and wholesome development, we should also make a spiritual resolution to meditate regularly everyday and experience the divine power within so that our understanding matures and we become a righteous, pure and a conscientious human being.

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