Roots of Relationships

Laying the foundation for true dance & Intimacy in our Relationships. 

If you think the cause of your problem is ‘out there’, you will try to solve it from the outside.  Take the shortcut- Solve it from within. – Byron Katie

Roots of RelationshipRelationships are an invitation for each one of us to dive and look inside of ourselves. A very real and practical ground for spirituality to flower within us and discover all shades, aspects of ourselves.

With the busyness of our lives, and the habitual patterns we are caught up in, we often do not look tenderly and intimately within ourselves and see the undercurrent of our relationships. Are we innocent, vulnerable, genuine?  In a very simple human way, are we in connection with ourselves and the significant others in our lives? 

On our quest to understand ourselves deeper, relationships play a key role. If seen consciously, they become a beautiful medium of raw and authentic self-observation and awareness. Our relationships act as mirrors and reflect back to us our belief systems, thought patterns, emotional habits and escape mechanisms. 

A conscious intimate relationship with the other arises out of a loving, nourishing and fulfilled relationship with the one we see in the mirror. An intimate relationship has the ability to bring into awareness, fall in love with and heal those aspects of ourselves which can otherwise go unnoticed and unattended for years, sometimes even lifetimes. And we come to see that’s where the richness of life comes from. It helps us see our innate wholeness in existence. Life always brings us relationships which deepen our growth, make us see what’s uncomfortable within us, help us grow and come to know what is the ground of Love within ourselves, in our very own hearts without borrowed understanding and the unimaginable conditioning we subject ourselves and the world to.

Understanding this, we must revisit our relationships, this time with fresh eyes, an innocent heart, and a mind filled with wonder. Through creative mediums, expressive arts and intimate, authentic, uncensored conversations we can recreate harmony within ourselves and our larger community of loved ones. Following the call of whatever is closer to our hearts or brings us most joy. 

Relationship in itself is a space for us to come in touch with the truth and beauty of ourselves and existence. Understanding what it truly means to relate to another is an endless Mystery. True relating is an art, a dance which fulfils everyone involved, and always ends and begins in Love. A Love born from the depth of the recesses of our hearts. 

All of life is an endeavour to provide us an opportunity to reflect, express and act on your relationships while holding us in a space of Love as we are dealing with our fears, challenges and the mass conditioning around relationships that get in the way. The call of the hour then is we look at the art of relating, nurturing our relationships, conflicts, challenges, thought patterns with delightful and exquisite vulnerability, strength and freshness born from our own inner wisdom. 

Take Rest in this understanding my beloved friend, and with a warm open heart and tender kindness be led in this adventure back to your own heart, to the place we never left, where we live in discovery and eternal newness each instant, beyond time. 

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