Krishna Janamashtami

Krishna JanamashtamiKrishna Janamashtami is a festival which reminds you that the birth of Lord Krishna was to pave peace and harmony in the lives of people who were enslaved and tortured, and for the destruction of Evil and the Emergence of truth, honesty, love and forgiveness!

It is to inculcate the power of the Lord as often we do question, DO WE BELIEVE IN GOD?

Most of us think of God as the Almighty, supremely powerful, the creator of this wonderful Universe, all pervasive and an abode of Love and Affection. But there are many people who share a strange relationship with him.

Many of us are scared of God at some level. Now this is quite ironical; how can one be scared of the very one who has created this planet? It is with fear that many perform rituals and offer prayers in a tight situation. Most of us pray to God asking for intervention, but having done that, we continue to worry and agonize about the problem at hand. If we truly believe in God, why should we continue to worry? We automatically assume that God can be manipulated and we keep on trying to manipulate Him, by prayer or ritual!

The Birth of the Lord is a true Sign portraying his true Love for his beautiful Creation!

It indeed is a festive occasion to welcome the Lord, but at the same time we must acknowledge the fact that performing regular rituals is no way to reach Him, but to follow His sayings as in Bhagvad Gita –

“It is to be Unconditional. There are no explanations from the Giver and the Receiver! One must become One with Him with Good thoughts and Actions.”

God Bless you All

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