Power of Gratitude

Power of GratitudeAs it is said, “Gratitude opens the door to abundance.” When we talk about abundance many think it as a far fetched dream which is very difficult to manifest in reality. We have limited set of beliefs based on our experiences.The universe work under some set of laws that need to be known for example, “Law of Gravity.” Same applies on our life too. 

Sometimes to learn something new, we have to ‘unlearn’ what we have already learned. This includes clearing old thought patterns and releasing old conditioning of mind. This is also very interesting to see that sometimes to gain something we have to trace back to our lives and start practicing what we learned when we were kids. Life is a game with its own set of rules. Its like opening the lock with the right key. Its just a matter of right timing.

Remember in childhood we all were told to say, “Thank you” on little – little things to show curtsy and good manners. We did it because we were told to do it without actually knowing that these two simple words have so much power. We just use it in day to day life, many times without actually meaning it…. just mechanically. Words have no meaning if they are used without intention or emotional energy hidden in the words. They become fake without intentions 

When something is thought or said with full intention or energy that becomes powerful affirmations or mantra. Feeling attached or intentions play very important role. It is proven fact that words and thoughts have energy and power. The universal “Law of Attraction” holds that universe is receiving your thoughts and reflecting back to you those thoughts as your life experience. The law of attraction simply gives you whatever it is you are thinking. 


If one is constantly thinking negative thoughts, he tends to attract negative in return. Like this most of us wish to have a life full of abundance but tend to focus on the lack. Most of us have more complaints, worry and feeling of scarcity. It’s the same like focusing on a glass half empty rather than half full. Most of the people develop a habit of cribbing on what they don’t have, rather than feeling grateful for all they have. 

How many of us do a little ‘thank you’ prayer in morning and before sleeping?  We tell our children to say thank you but forgot ourselves this wonderful magical word. We wish to have many things but take for granted what is already in our life. In Reiki that is a popular healing technique, ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is the basic which is taught. 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful and basic tools of attracting abundance. When you say thank you, it must be filled with energy. When we feel grateful with all our heart and say it or feel it with deep emotions, the same intensity of energy is going to the universe and multiply many times and come back to us. If I’m feeling grateful for my good relationships, career, material wealth, the more grateful I’m and the more abundance I’m attracting in life. 

My Personal Experiences

I have seen tremendous positive changes in my clients who instead of all the riches suffer from depression.I tell them that you are depressed because you are not focusing on the bounty you have, rather you are critical and focusing on the lack. I give them a daily exercise to do before sleeping. I show them my diary “Gratitude Diary ” which is full of thankful statements. I give them a task which helps them to shift focus. I tell them to keep a notebook and before going to bed write down five statements that happened in whole day and you feel grateful for. This may be a little thing like, somebody offered a cup of tea to you or smiled at you. Start from little things and small list. As you keep on doing this, you will find that your list will be becoming longer and longer, day by day. 

As soon as you start to feel good about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good in life. Your whole attitude towards life will be changed and you will start feeling a new zest for life. Even if someone is not religious, a simple prayer of ‘Thank You’ can do wonders. You will feel so full sometimes and you will feel overwhelmed with feeling of gratitude. The more you are consistent and regular in developing gratitude, the more you will start experiencing magic and your mundane life. This is the miracle of gratitude.

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