How Can We Be Truly Happy?

How can we be truly happy?If we look at the words “worldly life,” what does that entail? Most people are all leading their lives to achieve the same goal that is happiness. To reach there, people engage in similar activities. They begin their life as children needing food, clothing, shelter, love, education, health, and safety requirements, and friendship. After graduating from school, they look for a job or start a family and want to acquire those items needed to live, such as place to reside, transportation, and money for surviving whether for their families or themselves and then for their goals in life. The rest of their lives are spent in making sure they have enough money to live on.

Worldly life is doing those things required to live in the world. Within that framework, people are searching for happiness. No one seeks to be miserable. Many people believe that happiness comes from having more and more of those worldly gains which they believe will happen when they have more money. Other think happiness comes from having name and fame, power or more material gains.

However, studies show that even people who are rich, famous, powerful, or having all the material possessions they can possibly have are still not happy. They still seek something more to make themselves happy. Even having everything possible which we think will make us happy can lead to unhappiness when we lose what we have, it is taken from us, or destroyed.

The fact is that nothing made of matter is lasting. It is all temporary and subject to decay or loss. Ultimately, we have to leave this world when our time is up and we cannot take anything material from this world with us. How then can we be truly happy? 

The only lasting happiness comes from connecting to the treasures within us that are not material but spiritual. Our spiritual essence is a drop of the power that created all, and that power is love, consciousness, bliss, and joy. When we tap into that power within ourselves, we can swim in the ocean of divine love, peace, and happiness. That puts us into state of ecstasy and joy that lasts. We become connected with the source within of all wisdom, bliss, ecstasy, fearlessness, connectedness with all life, and spiritual love.

SRS (1)-2Living in such a state enriches our life. Then, no matter what our outer circumstances, whether rich or poor, famous or unknown, having a high position in life or not, we are happy. Our outer circumstances are enriched by our inner connection with joy and divine love. Then we can pass through the stages of life, fulfilling our outer obligations to earn a living, support a family, have a job, help others, or whatever we do to lead our worldly life but do so in a state in which we are joyous, fulfilled, and peaceful.

Meditation and spiritual life provides this joy and happiness that bubbles from within us that help us in our outer life. We also fulfill true purpose of life, which is to know our self as soul and know the power that created all. We do not just have to live on hearsay of others but will prove to ourselves the existence through firsthand experience of the existence of what lies beyond. Through meditation on the inner light and sound we would then have used the methodology of science to prove the existence of what is spiritual. If one is sincerely looking for spiritual awakening and knowledge of our soul, the Creator and spiritual realms within, it is available through meditation on the inner light and sound.

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