Know Your Crystals – Enhance Your Intuition with Celestite

celestite geode geological crystalsCelestite is instantly identifiable by its sky blue pyramidal crystals, even though it may be found in red, white and yellow shades. It draws you into its glistening depths, and transports one to a place of utter calm and deep peace. To me it seems most like a Himalayan glacier, the ice crystals melting into pure water, pure higher consciousness. 

The very name of this crystal suggests the celestial realm, as does its other, earlier name Celestine. It is one of the favourite stones, of energy workers and those who use crystals to aid meditation.

A geode or a cluster of Celestite kept in any room brings an instant sense of harmony in a group, and of de-cluttering the individual mind of repetitive worries. It is an excellent stone for the mind, helping in studies by increasing rationality and enhancing the ability to picture information, in order to better access and express it.

This makes it useful for students, artists, writers, and those pursuing graphic design. Like all light blue stones it resonates with the throat chakra, which makes it excellent for speakers, teachers, and singers as well.

Along with the rational faculties of the mind, it paradoxically, also jumpstarts intuition and works on the crown chakra. It is also believed that meditating by placing it on the third eye gives very interesting results. It is a new age stone with a very high vibration, one which is said to hold ancient wisdom and facilitate angel communication and clairaudient communication with higher dimensions.

In healing, it is specifically used for disorders of the eye and ear. It is an overall balancing crystal for all the chakras and emotional and spiritual well being. It is sometimes also used to cure diseases of the colon and intestines, in elixir form.

This fragile crystal should be kept away from sunlight as it loses its colour easily. The best ones come from Madagascar and can be a bit expensive.

Bring home this ethereal crystal to surround yourself with its incredible peace, to unravel the depths of the mind and to meditate!

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