Creating Abundance 

abundance-experience_1Abundance is not a big outer far fetched dream, rather abundance is an inner flower that blossoms first within. When we see dreams we have their blueprints, before they turn true. A seed contains all the possibilities of a tree. All you need is to nurture and take care of the seed in such a way that helps the seed to sprout and grow. Like this we have to create our mental and emotional environment for our dreams, by nurturing them with positive thoughts and energy so that they are manifested into reality. Many of us when talk about abundance, relate it only to money or material wealth. Abundance is more than money that comes to us from the universal source of life as both spiritual and material prosperity. Abundance is love and wisdom, talents and virtues, money and material goods — whatever we need to fulfil our life’s purpose. 

Energy should be flowing freely to us and through us to materialise abundance. If we are not experiencing that flow of abundance, we have to ask ourselves, why. What is within us or around us that is blocking prosperity? What is blocking the flow of Gods to us? The law of attraction says our thoughts and subconscious mind plays a great role in what we attract in life — people, experiences, opportunities, wealth and so on. Our mind act like a magnet and whatever thoughts, energy and vibrations we send goes to the universe and multiply many times and come back to us. We receive what we send. 

For instance, we often limit ourselves by our current circumstances — our job, our income, our IQ, and we say to ourselves, “My income is this much, I have this much social security, my job gives me this much pay, so in ten years I can go just so high”. We have limited ourselves and encased ourselves in these boxes that we cancel out the abundant sense of the soul. In the highest dimensions of the spirit, however, our soul knows no boundaries. It wants to be liberated from the tyranny of negative subconscious programming. The subconscious mind not only records negative impressions but, like a tape player on automatic replay, it plays back the recordings of the past. 

Though it takes hard to erase these records, but to attract abundance we need to reprogram our subconscious with positive messages. To attract abundance we need to create abundance at thought level first, as well as mental and emotional level. Its like [highlight]to become rich one needs to feel like a rich person, before he actually become rich.[/highlight] As I talked about law of attraction, there are few keys to create abundance in your life.

First of all we need to build and nurture trust in ourselves and the universe. We need to have faith that nature or universe or God is taking care of us. This trust should be same like a little baby is happy and confident that her mother is always there to take care of her. One should be hardworking but if we are doing efforts by having doubts, whether we will achieve our goal or not, then all the energy is wasted in doubtful thoughts. So, trust that universe /God is taking care of me is foremost. 

More keys to create abundance are :

# Be Grateful. Gratitude opens the door to abundance. Build a practice of daily recollecting what ever positive happened all day and feeling grateful. Same applies to all things positive in life. 

# Fire up your faith. Keep check on your doubtful thoughts and replace it with faith. 

# Abandon anxiety. It’s positive to be excited about your dreams but learn to discriminate between excitement and anxiety. One should not feel anxious. 

# Visualise your dreams coming true.This should be part of your daily routine. 

# Practice affirmations and meditation

All these keys are great tools to create and attract abundance and enjoy the bounty of universe. 

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