Chakras & Astrology

“Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom” ~Yogananda Paramhansa~


The Astrology is a cosmic portrait of the human imprints from past life karmas along with the guideline to sail through the present life. We often refer our horoscope and when something is not going well, people are tempted to follow certain remedies which are external, whereas we miss the divine opportunity hidden in it to find our true self.

‘Astrology’ as a matter of fact a kind of Divination Art which can very beautifully help you to know your past life imprints, which are either blocking your path or providing leverage to you on your path, and give a decent guideline to sail through the future. Normally, people do the remedies that an astrologer suggests, which I believe is a superficial solution to your problem. As anything done on the outside barely have an effect on the inside, when actually the problem is always within. For example : If there are any malafied planets on part of Education/Higher Studies. The real reason of not being able to pass through the exams shall often be within. The reasons may include that either the person is not going in the right field of his interest or he is not approaching the studies from the right approach. Either he is pursuing studies at a time when the time is not studies rather for inner introspection or he is not studying because some other area in life needs attention. The reason can be any, but unless he address those issues, he will not cut the roots of the problem. Rather than doing any external remedy, it is better to reflect on what message does it carry. What other meaning does the life hold for you in order to live the life to its fullest.

But if we understand the astrology in its core form, it prepares a horoscope of an individual based on the fact that what was the celestial alignment’s or say mathematical calculation at the time and place of the birth of the individual. You see ‘the horoscope’ or ‘the person’, there is merely any difference as they both represent each other. The characteristics, capabilities, fears and hopes, idea of spirituality, home, happiness is already engraved in the individual. In a true sense you don’t need a horoscope to predict a future, rather only dive into yourself. The horoscope is nothing but graphical presentation of different energies driving different parts of your life. A horoscope has 12 houses which are self, home, siblings, happiness, creativity, diseases, partnerships, transformation, luck, work, gains and house of unseen. Technically, all these energies are present in you, these energies are stored in the energy warehouse present in you in the form of chakras. The seven chakras are farely related to the nine planets the list of which goes as below :-

Chakra (English) Chakra (Hindi) Location Planet Element Zodiac Sign Root Mantra
Root Chakra Muladhara Chakra Base of Spine Saturn Earth Capricorn, Aquarius Lam
Sacrel Chakra Svadhisthana Chakra Lower Abdomen Jupiter Water Sagittarius, Pisces Vam
Manipura Located above navel Mars Fire Aries, Scorpio Ram
Hearth Chakra Anahata Centre of chest Venus Air Taurus, Libra Yam
Throat Chakra Vishudhha Throat Mercury Ether Gemini, Virgo Ham
Third Eye Chakra Ajna Centre of forehead Moon & Sun Mahatatva Cancer & Leo Om
Crown Chakra Sahasrara Top of head Higher Consciusness Enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher self All Silence

Now, if these chakras are related to the planets, then we can say that a malafied planet in our horoscope means an unbalanced chakra. If suppose your mercury is weak or combust as per your horoscope then you will notice that you have problems related to speech, either you are not able to creatively express yourself OR you are too harsh in your speech. In either case, if you check whether your throat chakra is balanced or not , you would find that it is imbalanced. Now, what can we do to heal throat chakra ? Well.. there are many modalities for that like reiki, magnified healing, which can be used to heal the chakra. However, the source of all the modalities lies in meditation.

Whenever, you feel something wrong happening in life, just sit, and where in your body you feel the heaviness, simply sit with it in your meditation, focus your attention on that chakra. Imagine a round wheel revolving round in circular motion. Just observe it revolving, feel the movement. Let the divine energy of higher consciousness enter your body from the crown chakra or the Sahasrara Chakra. Let it rest in your throat chakra. In some time you feel see the wheel revolving will start revolving in a much healthier speed, the colour of the  wheel and that area shall become brighter and rather balanced. I won’t specify any time for the process, rather do it as long as it feels good. Additionally you can also use the crystals for meditating. For throat chakra you can use turquoise stone or lapis lazuli. Just hold the stone in your hand and let your body absorb its energy.

I am not saying that the karma are actually stored in your body but there are energy centers in your body which are the receivers and they absorb the cosmic radiations of the planets. If the same is not healthy it will not absorb the required radiations or say energy, and if it is healthy it shall absorb the required radiations or the energy. The purpose of absorbing and not absorbing the radiations is just that one can have the balanced energy in him or her to truly understand its true nature. One of the example is DBS which transmits the signals to the dish antenna placed on our roof so, the quality of signals received depends on our dish antenna orientation and conditions. We cannot blame DBS for the bad quality of the orientation if the dish is not correct. Similarly we cannot blame the planet and label them benefic or combust rather our receptors which are not balanced.

If suppose due to some past karma (which is believed in Astrology exists)  one has its Throat chakra blocked. We can see the horoscope and find out the malefic planet, with which we can locate the chakra which is underactive or over active because every chakra absorbs reflects the cosmic radiations of the respective planet.

Here I would like to refer to an excerpt from the book of Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramhans Ji

[highlight]“Occasionally I told astrologers to select my worst periods, according to planetary indications, & I would still accomplish whatever task I set myself. It is true that my success at such times has been accompanied by extraordinary difficulties. But my conviction has always been justified : 1. faith in the divine protection, and the right use of man’s God-given will, are forces formidable beyond any the inerted bowl can muster. 2. Seeds of past karma cannot germinate if they are roasted in the divine fires of wisdom”[/highlight]

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