Will She Come Back? Tarot Can Help You Find Out

Breakups are emotionally challenging and draining.  We all yearn for true love, and can be heartbroken when a relationship, that we invested ourselves in, doesn’t work out.

We are left high and dry with many questions – questions that could remain unanswered forever. What ifs, that no longer can see the light of day?

But even before one gives up in the truest sense, there is always a looming question – Will she come back?

No magical crystal ball can predict a plain yes or no to this. Yet, some spiritual guidance can be sought to be able to attain clarity and move forward in life.

One outreach for this guidance is tarot reading. In this article, let us explore the complexities of relationships, the emotional aftermath of breakups, and how tarot can offer insights into the possibility of reconciliation.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Breakups

Breakups are often accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions.

From remorse and guilt to anger, to confusion, to longing, to move on, to denial, and back to remorse again. It is a circle of emotions that can be constricting.

The desire for reconciliation can be intense. Like they say a known devil is better than an unknown angel. But don’t get me wrong. Your ex-partner may be indeed meant to come back, and there is a learning out there for both of you to absorb before you can come back together again.

true love with tarot

Understanding and managing these emotions is crucial for personal growth and moving forward, whether that involves healing independently or pursuing a renewed connection.

The Complexity of Relationships

Relationships are so complex, and won’t you agree?

So many factors are at play here – communication, trust, compatibility, and a ton of external people and circumstances.

When a breakup occurs, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind it. Sometimes, it’s just a culmination of smaller ignored issues. At other times, external pressures and factors may play a role.

Before seeking answers about a potential reunion, it’s important to self-reflect on your relationship – the strengths, and weaknesses of each partner, the possible causes and remedies in case you indeed do reunite. A little bit of hermit mode might enhance the outcome of your tarot reading.

Turning to Tarot for Guidance

What is tarot, and how can tarot help?

One of my constant responses to this question is that Tarot is a means of guidance.  It is not strictly a fortune-telling tool. But rather a tool that should be harnessed to gain clarity on actionable and one’s approach.

It is amazing how a tarot deck, with just 78 cards, can speak volumes about a situation. The same cards can give different messages at different times for the same questions. That is the magic of tarot only known to the ones who have explored.

Tarot readings involve drawing cards and interpreting their significance in the context of the question at hand. While skeptics may view tarot as mere chance or superstition, many individuals find solace and guidance in these readings.

The Power of Intuition

Tarot readings are a very intuitive process.

Yes, it is not scientific, but a lot is founded on the tarot reader’s intuition and instincts.

A reader taps into the energy of the individual and directs questions to his or her spirit guides to seek the right responses.

These tarot readings can provide deep insights into one’s current state of mind and energies, obstacles and challenges, and hidden influences if any. Trusting one’s intuition is key when interpreting the messages conveyed by the cards.

Understanding the Tarot Spread

In love tarot reading focused on relationships, specific card spreads can be used to get more insights and understanding of the situation.

The Celtic Cross, one of the most popular spreads globally for a variety of situations, can be very useful here.

Each card speaks of a situation or emotion, and all the cards together can comprehensively weave a story that can provide unbelievable insights into the relationship’s status.

Other spreads, such as the Three-Card Spread and the Relationship Spread, also offer targeted insights into specific aspects of the relationship.

The Cards Speak: Love and Reconciliation

Some tarot cards specifically point to a person from the past. So if you are seeking a tarot reading to understand if she will come back, look for these cards in your reading.

  • The Lovers – The ultimate card of true love, The Lovers can indicate a deep emotional connection that can reignite a potential reunion.
  • The Star – A card of healing and tranquility, The Star asks us to have faith in our universe. There is healing if we allow the Universe to help us. This could be in the form of a renewed connection leading to emotional recovery.
  • Four of Wands – This is a card of coming back home, and therefore could symbolize celebrations arising out of a potential reunion. This card can indicate that the couple is moving toward a more renewed and happier phase in their connection.
  • Two of Cups – Similar to the Lovers, this is a card of partnership and mutual understanding. This can be suggestive of a shared desire for emotional reunification.
  • Three of Cups – This card is again a card of celebration and the support of family and friends in a potential reunion could be on the horizon. There are people out there who are cheering for her to come back.
  • Six of Cups – A classic card for a reunion, this card is all about nostalgia. A return to the past, and therefore symbolic of getting back together.
  • Ten of Cups – The happy family cards also indicate the potential for a reunion. The state of joy and peace in this card is a powerful indicator of shared happiness and coming back together for familial aspirations.

The Role of Timing in Tarot

Unlike astrology, tarot timings are very fluid.

A tarot reading is typically for a month to three, possibly a maximum of 6 months. Hence, an exact timeline prediction is elusive in a tarot world.

Certain cards, for example, The Wheel of Fortune or The Hanged Man, could indicate periods of suspension, change, or waiting. And hence, one needs to keep patience while seeking answers through tarot. The universe operates on a schedule that is beyond you and me.

Navigating Tarot Readings with Realism

As we said earlier, tarot is a tool for guidance. But let us not substitute tarot with free will.

A realistic approach based on actual circumstances and emotions will be your best guide in these situations. Tarot can give hints, and throw insights. But putting all those pieces of the puzzle together in your real-life situation is completely a solo game.

People and circumstances are dynamic, and free will play a significant role in shaping the course of our lives.

The Importance of Personal Growth

Irrespective of the outcome foretold by a tarot reading, breakups are mostly a time for self-reflection. One can productively use this phase to introspect one one’s life path, and one’s own needs, aspirations, and personal goals.

If there is a reunion on the cards, going through the above learning will only enhance the relationship post such reunion leading to a a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Alternative Perspectives: Tarot as a Therapeutic Tool

Beyond its predictive aspects, some individuals view tarot as a therapeutic tool for processing emotions and gaining clarity.

Going through a tarot reading can create a mental space for introspection and self-dialogue. This process can help rise out of chaos, structure one’s thoughts, get in touch with sub-conscious thoughts and feelings, and foster a deeper understanding of the self and the complexities of the past relationship.

Seeking Professional Guidance

If you are looking for a personalized experience, approaching a professional tarot card reader will be your best bet.

They can offer in-depth insights, and also a conversational flow of reading will help fine-tune the reading to your maximum benefit.

While online tarot readings are convenient, they are neither personalized nor reliable.


Before concluding, let us also understand the limitations of tarot. A relationship can have very complex variables and to analyze all of it threadbare in a tarot reading can be an impractical exercise.

One should not take a tarot reading as a sacred gospel; this is no replacement for professional advice from therapists or relationship counselors.

My biggest message on tarot is that it is not a passive approach, unlike astrology. Nothing is hard coded here. Everything relies on us taking action. So let us beware of a passive approach that can hamper personal growth, as true healing often requires action and reflection on our part.

In the end, whether she will come back is deep-rooted in complexity and personal will. Tarot can offer insights into the potential of a reunion, but remember the ultimate choice remains with the two of you.

Whether seeking answers through tarot or other means, the journey toward healing and personal growth is a valuable and transformative experience.

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