Tarot Predictions for the Week 28 August – 3 September 2023

Tarot Predictions for the week 28 Aug - 3 Sep 2023

Aries: Eight of wands

It’s time for you to focus more on yourself Aries! You’ve been way too exhausted fulfilling everyone else’s demands and now it’s time to take care of yourself. Perhaps, persisting through the current track will be easier for you if you listened to yourself more than others. You got this!

Taurus: The Holly King

You’re the guiding light you need Taurus! It’s been way too long that you’ve been waiting for things to materialize for you. It’s time to take the next step. Maybe go for that course you’ve been thinking about which boosts your confidence or going back to your books to find the clue for your next move might be just the thing you need.

Gemini: The Crone

You’ve come a long way to get what you want. With every passing stone, you’ve managed to keep your balance, Gemini. The Crone card is here to let you know that all you need is to focus on your strength. Play your cards right and you will get what you desire but before that, learn to listen to your gut feeling.

Virgo: The Sidhe

This week is about balance for you, Virgo. If you’ve been working way too much, it’s time for you to rest. Being on one side of the scale for too long can harm your health badly and you know it. It’ll all happen in time and taking care of yourself is equally important as your work. Maybe going for a relaxing spa should be on your list this week.

Libra: Eight of Athames + Three of Chalices

Your fears might be the only thing holding you back Libra! Instead of thinking about the worst outcomes, why not focus on the best case scenario? Or maybe count your blessings a little more this time? There’s definitely celebration ahead for you only if you move past your ‘what ifs’.

Scorpio: Nine of chalices

Your troubles are coming to an end, Scorpio! You’ve successfully managed to pass another cycle in your journey and the rewards couldn’t be any sweeter. Keep doing what you do and spread your magic throughout. Your emotional self has helped you stay afloat and expressing yourself fully in all aspects has served you well.

Sagittarius: The Star

It’s your time to shine, Sagi. Your ambitiousness has helped you come this far but perhaps it is time to connect with your higher self and seek your life purpose. What is it that fulfills your soul and aligns with why you’re here on Earth? This card calls you to seek a more meaningful life beyond the materialistic aspects that you’ve achieved till now.

Capricorn: Five of chalices

All isn’t what it seems, Capri! Your disappointments are more with yourself than others. You thought things could work out a certain way but turns out your plans have to change now. Ask yourself if you were being too unrealistic lately and make changes that will help you grow at a pace which is more suitable for you.

Aquarius: The Moon

Only when things don’t seem to be going your way, is when you will find the space to do some inner work Aquarius. Your deepest fears are coming true but there’s more learning for you here. Take the opportunity this week to take a step back and evaluate your recent decisions. Things might seem a bit blurry at present.

Pisces: The High Priest

You may have some authority clashes this week, Pisces. However, there might be a better way of dealing with the situation than reacting immediately. Think your responses through before giving in to your urges. You might be involved in rituals and ceremonies that are needed to move forward. Allow it to happen on its own.


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