Tarot Predictions for the Week 1 January – 7 January 2024


Seeking help, unbalanced energies, being logical, sudden shifts

From the land of celts and where the festival of samhain finds its roots, we bring you the beautiful energies of fairies the first week of the new year. The Fairy Tarot Deck holds much love and opportunities for growth if one is looking for it. Check out what the fairies have to say for you this week:

Aries: Three of Winter

Your present situation might seem worse than what it really is, Aries. Perhaps talking to a friend for advice on certain matters may help uncomplicate things for you. Sometimes we’re too overwhelmed with everything that the smallest of issues seem like a big hurdle. In times like these, reaching out to others and finding practical solutions is your way out, if you so choose. It’s okay to be sad and be swayed by the burden of everything at once. You’re not alone. That in itself is reassuring that you will come out of whatever you’re going through. Like the wise say, ‘this too shall pass’.

Taurus: Eight of Summer+ Ten of Spring

You’re faced with some major life-change choices this week, Taurus! In search of what is it that you want, the kind of life you want, you might have to let go of things that aren’t working for you. Facing these choices may seem like a big task and hence the ten of spring is here to guide you to ask for help. It’s never too late to delegate your tasks to others. Let go of any perfectionism that might be holding you back and go with the flow. When has life ever worked out as per our plan? Changing paths and delegating work might help you make some space for some much needed ‘me-time’. Enjoy and savour it!

Gemini: Seven of Winter

Escaping into the realms of fantasies is something we all cherish but it won’t work anymore, Gemini! It’s time to shed light on truths. What is it that you’re avoiding or perhaps you need help seeing things clearly as you might be too close to the situation? There’s always a better choice to approach the matter in hand. Trust your gut and follow what it is trying to tell you. If something doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t right for you. Mere acknowledging the truth might help you see what choices you have at hand. This might even open new doors for you. Believe in yourself!

Cancer: Nine of Summer

You’re seeing some much awaited completions this week, Cancer! Your dreams are being fulfilled and some of them are what you were planning to have for a long time. Fairies are blessing you with all the magic and help you activate all the love in your heart. Hold your chest and focus on what it feels like or maybe how can this be even better. Keep focusing as this auspicious time is bringing you good luck. It’s time to celebrate with your loved ones and thank the gods for everything you’ve received and for what’s to come.

Leo: Eight of Winter

Sometimes ignoring to work on things you love may indicate a lack of belief in yourself, Leo! While your spirits and confidence are usually high, you might find yourself doubting your strengths and capabilities this week. Whatever it is, you got this! Don’t let the winter blues get to you just yet. Start with something small and let it grow gradually to see how well you can do. Your thoughts don’t hold any power over you. They’re mere thoughts and can always be changed. You’ve overcome several obstacles in the past when you wanted something from your heart and soul. This is just another part of that. You can do this!


Virgo: Princess of Spring+ Seven of Autumn

The time to pursue your goals is here, Virgo! You must act now to execute your plans but the princess energy is asking you to have a flow of ease and creativity in it.  Do more of what fills your heart and it will lead you to the path you’re meant to follow. Don’t rush into things if there’s no ease. If something isn’t working, perhaps that meeting got delayed or that vendor isn’t available, it is all happening in its divine time. Maybe finding the right balance is what you need to learn. Find your own pace and don’t follow the ideal standards or expectations that others may have of you. Make sure you use this positive energy of the week for good!

Libra: Five of Spring

A few conflicts might be arising this week, Libra! And that’s okay. Maybe it’s an indication that you need to change your perspective and see things from a different angle. More learning might be required before you make up your mind. Don’t be too quick to judge others or yourself. Maybe it’s time to reflect on what’s causing this conflict and resolve it at a different level than the seemingly simple issue. Make sure you aren’t reaching far too ahead of the practical situation and making impossible goals for yourself or others around you. Take your time to think things through.

Scorpio: Queen of Winter + Three of Autumn

You have what it takes, Scorpio! This week is about being practical and letting go of people and situations that no longer serve you. Let them be gone for good as it’s time to move on and make space for things that matter to you. You will find that this week is all about your work and career. Perhaps a bonus or a promotion might be on the way. Even a praise or acknowledgement of your hard work this week will contribute to boosting your confidence and keep you in high spirits at your workplace. You won’t be fooled by any emotional drama for sure.

Sagittarius: The Chariot

Things are moving at a much higher speed for you, Sagi! You’ll achieve success and good news might be on the way soon. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to move forward with a certain proposal or a situation, consider this as a sign to go for it right away. Or perhaps your partner wishes to move ahead with things this week and you might receive good news on that front. Whatever it may be, this week brings good luck and happy news for you. Make sure you spare some time to cherish it and express gratitude for every blessing.

Capricorn: Two of Winter

This or that may be your theme this week, Capri! Finding it difficult to choose between two things is going to take a lot of your time. There’s a harsh truth in your situation that you aren’t ready to acknowledge just yet but perhaps doing so might give you a better way out. Everyone can’t be happy with the choices you make and it is your decision to make peace with it. No one else can walk the walk for you and so you must do what feels right to you in this situation. This is about you and how you wish to live and no one else. Let the fairies guide you ahead!

Aquarius: Six of Winter+ King of Autumn

Everything is working out in your favour, Aquarius! No matter what it looks like, all is not lost at the end of this dark tunnel but maybe it’s working out in a much better way than you had planned. Put your foot down as to what it is that you want and do not give in to what others wish to choose for you. Things don’t have to be difficult for it to make it worthwhile for you. Sometimes an easier path is the best one. Your troubles are coming to an end and relocating or travelling might be involved as well. You’re almost there. Let the universe bless you!

Pisces: Ace of Autumn

It’s raining money for you this week, Pisces! You know you deserve it after all that hard work, planning and creative energy that you’ve put in. Your time to shine is here. You will receive the right guidance this week from others. Make sure you’re open to receiving it. This money can also come in different forms such as help from others or their time. Regardless of these forms, your ability to make more of such opportunities lies solely with you. This is an indication from the universe that you’re on the right path. Keep going and expanding your horizons through your work and art.

Deck: Fairy Tarot Deck

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