Chakra Ladder

Moving Up the Chakra Ladder – A Peek at Personal Growth Story

Personal growth involves moving up the Chakra Ladder. We can also say that when we grow as individuals, our consciousness moves up from base chakras to our higher chakras. Chakras are energy centres in the body. All chakras have different vibrational levels. Physical chakras i.e the lower three chakras – Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus […]

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Chakras & Astrology

The Astrology is a cosmic portrait of the human imprints from past life karmas along with the guideline to sail through the present life. We often refer our horoscope and when something is not going well, people are tempted to follow certain remedies which are external, whereas we miss the divine opportunity hidden in it to find our true self.

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Colours of Life

Did you ever think a world without colours? Blue sky, green trees, flowers, butterflies…….? Can you imagine life without colours? Colourless wardrobe? Colourless furniture…..? Colourless food,  vegetables, even a pen, pencil, or a cover of a notebook? Can’t imagine…. Colours are so much integral part of our mundane experience that we relate our emotions with different colours.

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