Realizing We Are Never Alone

Realizing we are never aloneMany feel each of us is alone in the universe. We wonder if there is a God, and, if there is, how could God even know about us, given the billions of people in the world.

In this age of science, we may find it hard to believe in a power such as God who could create all of us and love us. We feel that the only love that is possible in the universe is what we know as human beings, such as between parents and children, lovers and beloveds, spouses, or families.

We think that because we cannot see God with our physical eyes that such a power could not really exist. Yet, we have multiple instances that show love in this world, a love of which the recipient may not even be aware, that still exists.

We cannot see God at our physical level. We assume that because we cannot see the Lord, that there is no God. However, God is there, and embracing us with love at all moments. Just because we are not aware of that love does not mean it is not there. We do not know that God has immeasurable love for us. Yet, we are always wrapped in God’s protective embrace.

How can we experience God’s love and know for certain there is a God?

We may get a sense there is a God when we look at the wonders of creation. When we see how the sun and the planets keep their place in the solar system without colliding into each other, we wonder at how that could happen.

We see how out of all the planets, few are habitable enough to support human life because they are either too hot, too cold, or lack an atmosphere for breathing. We marvel at the earth and how it is just the right temperature to support life, has just the right mix of elements for breathing, and just the right amount of land surface on which to live, otherwise it would just be a planet of water.

We marvel at life itself, the human body, animals, and plants, and how they have been created to survive generation after generation for millions of years. We marvel at the various systems in the human body that allow us to eat, breathe, grow, reproduce, and repair themselves when injured. We wonder at the miracle of the human brain and how we take in information, learn, plan, analyze, and create.

The cycles of the earth are incredible with the water cycle to supply the planet and its inhabitants with a fresh supply of water for billions of years for drinking and washing. We wonder at the rock cycle in which rock is broken down to form new soil or is built up to create land, hills, and mountains on which to live.

Realizing we are not aloneWe marvel at how plants provide food for people and animals, as well as oxygen given off as waste for us to breathe. The more scientists learn about the workings of the universe, of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and geology, the more they conclude that some super intelligent power must have designed all this.

Beyond the scientists, we have scientists of the soul, or saints and Masters, who have explored the inner workings of creation. They have been in touch with the non-material aspect of life, the spirit or soul, through firsthand personal experience. They have come in all the ages, in all cultures and time periods, and have all concluded the same thing—there is a Power who created all that is, whether we call it God or by any other name, and that Power is a loving one that brought us all into being.

It is loving and protective of the creation that sprouted into being from its power of love. Just as parents decide to bring a child into this world as an expression of their love and a desire to create offspring, so did God bring all creation into being out of love and the same desire to create.

God’s love came into expression and the result is the existence of all the realms of existence, this physical universe, human beings, animals, plants, and everything that is. God started alone and from God’s love countless souls were created.

It may seem like God cannot know all the souls God created, but God does, and loves and protects each one. Similarly, we may not know it, just as an infant is not aware that it exists because of its parents, but that Power is there, loving us and protecting us.

H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji
H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

In this age of science and rationality, few want to believe in God, as this Power cannot be seen with the physical senses. Yet, God is there. Saints and Masters who have found God tell us that if we truly want to believe in God, we need to experience it for ourselves. Thus, they give us a way to prove God’s existence for ourselves. Once we do so, we will also realize God’s love for us is like the love of the parent for a child.

How can we prove God’s existence and love for us? The way we can do so is through meditation. If we sit in silence and focus our attention within, we will find the manifestation of God in the form of the inner Light and Sound. We can travel on this source back to God and merge in that divine Power. This inner journey through meditation will lead us to the realization of God and the embracing love that God has for each of us.

God is not far. God is within us. God has protective arms around us. Our soul is connected to God. Our problem is that we are not aware of our soul, so we do not realize God. Our first step is to achieve self- realization or knowledge of our true self. Once we do so, we will find that we are one with God and will achieve God-realization.

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