9 Tips on How to Read Tarot Cards Confidently

Plenty of Tarot readers find themselves struggling with doing Tarot readings professionally because of lack of confidence.

No matter how many places you have learnt, how many books you have read, yet there is a feeling that you know enough or don’t know everything. Here are a few things you can do to become more confident.


There is no shortcut to doing very good tarot readings. The more you practice how to read tarot cards, the better you understand the cards, the questions and how to interpret and communicate your readings.

This is one step people often skip. You can’t be perfect before you begin. And there is no such thing as perfection.

Any good tarot readers that you see and experience, they have practiced and given bad readings too. That’s how they have learnt and grown to give better readings.

2. Learn to communicate 

Communication is one skill that is highly valued and very important in giving tarot readings. You may know cards very well, but if you cannot communicate it well, you won’t be an effective tarot reader.


To learn how to communicate better, start reading or watching other tarot readers give readings. Improve your experience with reading for many people.

One important thing to remember here is that not every person is the same and everyone has different ways of receiving and understanding information that you give.

Watch and really listen to what and how your client communicates and become aware of their body language. It will guide you into creating better rapport with them. Better rapport means better communication.

3. Help your clients ask better questions

The success of a tarot reading depends greatly on the quality of questions asked.

One big myth people have is that tarot readers should do all the talking. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth.

You need to really listen to and understand what your client wants to know before you begin to pick cards and interpret.

At times you may even have to help your client ask better questions. Remember open ended questions are better than yes/no questions as they are more empowering and end up being more useful for your client.

4. Keep learning

Tarot is as vast as the universe and one can keep learning and yet find new information about Tarot. And most of the times, the understanding of tarot cards deepens with practice. New meanings are discovered during reading for clients as well.

Maintaining a tarot journal for your wisdom, insights and new information is a good way of improving your knowledge and insights into cards.

Read books on different aspects of tarot – symbols, numbers, planets. Astrological connections, energy science, colours, psychology etc.

Remember, learning tarot is a lifelong quest. As long as you are willing and open to learning new things, tarot will keep opening new avenues for insights and wisdom for you.

5. Be a student of life

Tarot is not just something up in the sky or a bunch of pictures on the cards. Each tarot card corresponds to a life situation. Someone who designed tarot cards to begin with would have been a student of human life situation – the micro and macro aspect of it.

When you are reading tarot cards for someone, you are not just giving them a prediction, you are communicating how to live life in a better way. If you are a student of life, if you are learning from life and people around you always, tarot will always help you become a better person and help you help others in the same manner as well.

Tarot is also a lot about human psychology. Having a sense of how the mind of people works, why and how people behave in certain manner in different situations will go a long way in helping you give effective tarot readings.

6. Trust the process

There will be times when you won’t be sure of the card meanings or the answer that needs to come through tarot. It is for those moments that you will need to remember that the cards will show you the truth no matter what.

So even if you find yourself drawing a blank when reading a card or a spread, describe what the card means and the flow of words will begin.

Therefore it is important to build trust in the cards and the process. It will guide you in the best possible manner.

If you let your doubt step in, you won’t be able to hear or see the guidance clearly. So take a deep breath and learn to trust the process of reading and the cards.

7. You are a channel

When doing tarot readings, it may be tempting to say that you are the one doing the reading, but actually it is the universe responding through you. You are a mere channel when doing the tarot readings.

Every time you sit down to do a reading for someone, clear your mind and get yourself out of the way. Make it a point to remember that the reading is not about you, it is about the client, and you are just a channel.

Let go of expectations from the reading, let go of trying to please the client or presenting an image for them, let go of trying to take responsibility of the reading or the client or the outcome.

You are just a postman delivering a message meant for someone. Don’t try to become the doer.

8. Focus on positive feedback

As a tarot reader, especially if you are low on self-esteem or confidence, you tend to hold on to the negative feedback or the fear of negative feedback. This can de-motivate you from doing more readings and reaching out to people.

It is at these precise moments, when you need to remember the positive feedback you received from a client. Let any negative feedback be a learning moment instead of using it to define yourself as a bad reader.

Also, no one can be 100 percent accurate all the time. You are not God. So let go of this burden too and flow with the process.

9. Learn to relax and meditate

Intuition plays an important role in tarot readings. So create or learn a process to clear your mind of stress, unnecessary thoughts and judgments, and learn to become present to the readings.

An empty mind is always a good conduit for information and guidance. Don’t worry about how well you are going to do it, just get in the groove, create a ritual, clear your mind and read the cards.

It is important to not be too serious about the process, the more relaxed you are the better your readings will be.

Remember, these are just a few tips on how to read tarot cards confidently. By practicing regularly, improving your communication skills, assisting your clients in asking better questions, and continuing to learn and grow, you can become a more confident Tarot reader.

Looking to learn to read tarot cards or hone your skills as a tarot reader, connect with me and I will guide you on a step by step journey to becoming a confident tarot reader.

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