How To Get The Best Out of A Psychic Reading

How-to-get-the-most-out-of-a-psychic-readingEveryone, however cynical or rational likes to have their fortune read. Divination fascinates human beings and different cultures have produced myriad forms of looking into the future such as the tarot, runes, astrology, I-Ch’ing, cards, tea leaf reading, pendulums etc to name only a few. New Age thinkers have offered an explanation for premonition, intuition and clairvoyance by drawing on Quantum Physics and alternate universe theories. A psychic may use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience (i.e. seeing, hearing from or sensing the unknown by intuition) or use any of the mediums outlined above or use a combination; e.g. a clairvoyant may take additional aid from astrology or tarot cards. Of course there is a very good chance that the reader may not use any of these means and just dupe you by using the gift of gab.

[pullquote-left]“A reading can help in unfolding patterns of behaviour that are self destructive and present events that can lead to damaging results.”[/pullquote-left]
So how does one find out the charlatans from the genuine readers? Unfortunately, there are a lot of them in the business and it is extremely difficult to find a truly gifted psychic or reader. One sure sign is that, a true reader will never claim to know ALL about your past, and future. This is simply because NO one can definitely predict your future. God has given us all the free will to shape our destinies and no one can tell that something will happen for sure; only probabilities can be revealed. Why then, should we go for a reading at all?

Since most people do not change their habits or behaviour, it is not difficult to predict future developments. And yet, all the parties involved, say in a relationship, have the free will to change the outcome at any given moment. That is why the validity of a tarot reading is only a few weeks or few months or depending on the person concerned, a few years. Similarly astrology works with probabilities, good periods, challenging periods, potentials, but no astrologer can shape your future for you. [pullquote-right]“An in-depth reading can help us identify our strong points and devise appropriate strategies for success.”[/pullquote-right]

Some tips:

1. Research

Find out about the reader from various sources. Preferably, go to one recommended by a known person. Find out about the means used, number of consultations and the cost involved beforehand.

2. Be serious

Do not go to a good reader to test them, check them out. Telling lies or misrepresentation will only cloud issues. Remember, it’s your own time and money you are wasting.

3. Be careful

Do not reveal all sensitive information about yourself and those in your life. Give enough information to get an enlightened perspective.  Do not trust anyone who tries to frighten you by saying do this or pay so much by this date or negative energy/curse shall destroy you. This is a sure sign of someone out to rob your money.

4. Listen

Be willing to hear an alternative perspective and be open to self evolution and introspection. Remember, if we do not have the courage to hear the truth, we should not ask for it. A good reader will tell you as they see it.

5. Awareness

Cultivate awareness and a spiritual dimension in your life so that you can discriminate between advice that will change your life for the better and that which won’t. Remember, even the best psychics in the world may get it wrong at times but your faith and intuition will guide you right. A good reading will not offer comforting quick fixes. Nor will it teach you how to take revenge or harm someone. It should help us create awareness of ourselves, our larger connection to the Universe and bring us closer to unconditional love as well as a good self esteem. For example, if a person keeps attracting abusive partners a reading will help them change their vibration and build a happy life, with or without a partner. In fact healing of oneself must precede a relationship in this case.

It is possible to get the best from a psychic reading. Do share your experiences!

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