How To Deal With A Loss Of A Loved One- A Tribute To CHELSEA

white-labradorePets give us the most unconditional form of love on earth!

I love animals, especially dogs. Being an empath I share a deeper connection with them. I always love spending time with animals whether they are domesticated or strayed. Even the pets of my relatives and friends just disown their owner till the time they are with me and I am with them. it just happens to me all the time.

Recently a cute pooch named Chelsea, a Labrador passed over the rainbow. She was a beautiful soul and complete bundle of joy to be with. I really wanted to and wished could get to spend more  time with her. I really wish that I could get a chance to be with her in her last hours. I had a deep wish to nurse her babies whenever the time comes, but unfortunately it never happened and she had to leave us way before that. She was quiet young for death. She was much sweeter and friendlier than my own Nikki (She is my pet and is still alive. May God give her a healthy life). Chelsea was suffering from ‘Jaundice’ and passed away.

Her passing away made me realise how much we take life for granted. We keep on procrastinating our dreams and happiness for the things we are not even really happy about. We are too busy to spend time with people who really matter and who really care about us.We don’t really pay attention to things when they are absolutely beautiful. We only pay attention when things have just completely fallen apart whether its our health or family or friendships or relationships, anything for that matter. For what? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! We are completely just chained to a monotonous rhythm of life which doesn’t even feel right. Still we continue on and on and on.

This incidence also taught me how to deal with the loss of a loved one. So here is what we can do ease the process-


Let yourself be sad about the fact that your loved one has passed on to the journey of the other dimension. Give your sad emotions validation. Cry it out or sit with your sadness in silence.

2. Drop The Blame Game

Don’t blame yourself or anyone else for the circumstances. It really doesn’t help and makes the situation even more worse. Death comes in disguise and paralyses everyone who comes in it’s way. If the deceased was not meant to die, then the universe would have aligned unexpected miracles in the way in order to save the soul. But it was not how it was supposed to happen and that is why they couldn’t have been saved. Blaming can not change anything and death is not anybody’s fault. It is something inevitable. Its timing reasons are  uncertain and unstoppable (so far). ​​

3. Visit A Power Place

Go to a Temple, a Gurudwara, a Church, a Mosque or any other sacred sanctuary to which your own belief is aligned and you feel is a peaceful place. It helps you ease out the pain.

4. ​Do A Good Deed Dedicated To The Name Of The Deceased

You can do charity or a random act of kindness, dedicating your actions to your loved one. In my case I spent some time with the animals at a dog shelter. It made me feel better. You too can visit an orphan home or give a donation in the name of your loved one.

5. Take care of yourself

It is very much possible that because of the sad emotion you may not feel like eating or may feel like completely giving up on your life. But this is no solution. The very last thing your deceased loved ones would like to see is you being in such a state. And the truth is that there are more people who love you, care for you and are alive and want to be with you. So taking care of your health is also very important in such a state.

6. Seek for support

Talk to someone with whom you feel comfortable sharing your emotions. Its okay to ask for help at such times. Seek a safe space to vent out your emotions. If you feel you cannot talk to anyone in your circle and are unable to find such a safe space to share, seek guidance from a counsellor. They are trained to give advise and guidance in such circumstances and will keep your identities covered. It is part of their professional code.

Most Important Among All

Spend some quality time with the ones you really love and care for. Tell them how valuable they are for you. Express your feelings to them before death arrives. Don’t wait for the perfect moment or occasion or time for that for it may actually never arrive.

Death is something which remains a mystery and  cannot be predicted or negated no matter how strong we have become or how much science has developed. May be in the future there will be a cure for it. But for now the fact remains that

Whosoever is born, is most certain to die one day…..

Accepting this reality of life and dedicating this to Chelsea living forever in my heart and of all those who have loved her with their lives.

We love you Chelsea!
May her soul rest in peace!

-Ashi Sharma

Ashi Sharma is a Digital Marketeer by profession and a young healer, tarot reader, painter, guitarist, singer and a dancer by passion and spirit. Besides that she is a Reiki Master and is doing professional tarot readings as well. She is a B.B.A. graduate from Millennium School of Business. You can read her blogs at​. You can reach her at

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