Colours of Life

coloursoflife1Did you ever think a world without colours?

Blue sky, green trees, flowers, butterflies…….? Can you imagine life without colours? Colourless wardrobe? Colourless furniture…..? Colourless food,  vegetables, even a pen, pencil, or a cover of a notebook? Can’t imagine…. Colours are so much integral part of our mundane experience that we relate our emotions with different colours. ‘Pink Mood’ with pleasantness, red  with passion, orange with spirituality and so on. I was about to write something on meditation but a dear one suggested me to talk about colours as Holi is falling this month.

Holi is a festival of colours. Holi is celebrated by throwing power or liquid colours on each other to express the emotion of brotherhood, friendship and love. Holi is a playful festival, in which everybody is allowed to express their childlike nature freely. It is celebrated with colours, dance, music and a few mischievous acts. I feel proud to be a part of such a culture, where colours are given importance.

Through Holi, we consciously appreciate the importance of colours in our life. I simply love this festival because of its intoxicating, rawness and celebratory mood as one is allowed to express themselves without any judgment. For me, Holi is a festival of the catharsis of pent-up emotions and expressions of our inner child. So, it’s a healing experience.  

I was just stating that we relate our emotions with colours. Again, its our specific reaction towards colours. For example, if I relate Red colour with passion, you may relate it to anger or danger. For some colour blue may be sadness, for some symbol of coolness, vastness as sky, expansion or any other. The glass is half empty or half full is again our way of looking at life. I appreciate the way Sanjay Leela Bhansali gives a different meaning to colour ‘Black’ in his movie by relating it to knowledge (instead of darkness or bad omen). I relate the colour black with Goddess Kali or the secret knowledge. So for me, the colour Black is a good omen.

The colours are not only a part of our mundane life but spiritual experience as well. Centuries ago our yogis were able to see the colours of our Aura and Chakras situated in the subtle body, with their spiritual knowledge. That knowledge is proved valid now with the help of Killian photography and other scientific tools.

coloursoflife2The faded, mudy or improper colours of our chakras signify weak chakras and Aura. The bright and clear colours of the Chakra is sign of a healthy mind, body and aura. It is believed in Sun therapy or colour therapy that our body needs a certain colour to heal. Nowadays, colours are given importance in hospitals too. For example, more green colour (in curtains etc) in patient’s room, enhances the healing process.

So, the colours are not only appealing to the eyes, they act as a healing tool as well. For example, red tomato soup in my bowl is a day to day experience to soothe my taste buds, and at the same time if I use red colour to focus on my root or base Chakra, it is going to give stability and boost in my career.

The colours can be used to get transformed material reality into spirituality. With knowledge of Chakras, their location and corresponding colours, try this experiment in the form of a small mediation given below.

(3-5 minutes approximately)

Sit comfortably, close your eyes. Take few deep breaths to get centred. Now focus on base/root chakra and imagine/visualize or think about a small bright red ball there. Take 2-3 deep breaths while thinking about colour red. Then move your attention to your sacral Chakra. Imagine a bright orange ball and repeat the same. Do the same process with other chakras, that is solar Chakra – Yellow, Heart- Green, Thyroid – Blue, Third Eye – Dark Blue and Crown – violet. After that take another 2-3 deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

Do this very quick and small meditation for three months and experience changes in your life. Enjoy this Holi with Gulal and colours of your chakras.

Happy Holi !

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