Book Review: I’d Change My Life If I Had More Time by Doreen Virtue


What is it?

Why do we feel we have less time as we grow up?

A five-year-old doesn’t feel it, but a 30-year-old surely does.

Every day, every moment is ours. But, we feel exhausted. As if the days should have more hours. We should have more time to live, or do stuff we want to. Individuals have a choice how they wish to spend time, dividing amongst our priorities. The thing is as we grow up, our preferences change, and as fear, worry, and responsibilities sweep in, we’re burdened with stuff. Unable to manage our time efficiently also creates a blockage, an absolute pressure making us more depressed than ever.

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We start feeling life’s short because we don’t live each moment. Most of the time, it’s either about what they said yesterday which still impacts how I feel, or what will happen in the future which is yet to come but we always choose to spend the present thinking about it.

Has it ever happened to you, when you’re driving or traveling to a place, and you don’t realize when you reach there, how you got there in there in the first place because you were too lost in your thoughts?

Feeling frustrated because even though you’re the one doing all the work, people still bother you and taunt you that you don’t listen? That may be because, again, you’re worried about something that happened in the past or is about to happen in a bit.

The art of staying in the moment, healing on our issues, connecting with our souls and nature. Utilizing our time better. 

Keeping content with your work. 

Taking one day at a time.

‘Crossing the bridge when we reach there’ are things which add-on to our lives with a few extra minutes every day. When we say we don’t have time for healing or meditation, we’re missing out on those bonus health and love that we’re yet to experience if we choose to amend our ways.

‘I’d change my Life if I had more Time’ is a full-fledged guide to restoring balance in our lives. Doreen shares her views on how we tend to worry more and enjoy less, which adds so much negativity in our lives. Before we know it, things go out of control. Someone has an incurable disease; another has diabetes. This book discusses stories of conquering time and fear and how Fear can be the cause of your procrastination.

About the Author

Earlier in her life, after graduating in counseling psychology, Doreen wasn’t confident whether she could share her visions and guidance from the angels with the world, but one incident in her life made her feel safe to come out of the closet.

She has worked as a Registered Psychological Assistant as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in 1989. Later, she went on to write about healing and spirituality and also introduced various angel cards decks. Her famous works include ‘How to hear your angels’ (2007), ‘Healing with the angels’ (1998), ’10 messages your angels want you to know’ (2017).

She’s also written several books on diet and cravings, which include, ‘The Yo-Yo diet syndrome’ (1990), ‘Constant Craving A-Z: A Simple Guide to Understanding and Healing Your Food Cravings’ (1999), ‘Chocoholic’s Dream Diet’ (1990).

In 2017, due to a vision, Doreen had of Jesus, she converted to Christianity and got baptized. She focuses on advocating for animal rights, supporting her favorite charity, Compassion International and helps people connect with real Jesus, now.

Me says

I had no idea as a child how would it be like to be an adult. All I knew was it’d be fun since they get to decide what they want to do and where they want to go. I always had to ask, and they’d say no to almost everything (at times, even without listening to me!). Here is what used to happen when I was seven years old:

Maa, Can I go to my friend’s place. Dad said he’d pick me up after office.’


‘But Maaaaa..Dad said’

‘No. I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere when I was your age. So, you won’t go too.’

Of course, that didn’t make sense to me. So the next time I tried, I thought I was old enough, (near about 14) and this is what I got:

Maa, I’m going to Lakshita’s place for group study.’


‘But Maa..’

‘You won’t. Don’t argue. Go to your room.’

When I was about 20, this is what I did:

I went to my friend’s place after college directly. When my mother called me, I told her I’d be back by 7 and hung up.

It took some time for me to realize it wasn’t about me, it was about them. They didn’t get to go anywhere when they were of my age, so I suffered and watched while all the other kids in my group were allowed to visit each other.

Then, reality struck. Adults were not free to do whatever they wanted. They were more bound than ever. At least, that’s what I witnessed in my parents. Suddenly, it felt better to be a kid. Maybe in not my home. But somewhere else. A kid will always be free. No worries about earning, or having a home. Even the kids on the street, who are homeless, are more carefree than my adult self.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Life doesn’t have to be so stressful, thinking, worrying, scratching your scalp, then scratching your partner’s scalp, and then your children’s. This book explains how things are simple and yet we choose to complicate them because that’s what we’ve been taught so far. Things like, ‘Life isn’t easy!’ or ‘This world is cruel.’ Or ‘You’ll have to work hard to earn that much’ or ‘This requires years of sleepless nights,’ so on and so forth.


If we have to accomplish something, with compromising our sleep, is it worth that much? Is it worth a significant portion of our being because worrying, or not resting enough will only reduce our lifespan?

Choose what you want to do with it.

‘Ever been to?’ Verdict

How would you feel if you can let go of that control for once and have someone to guide you? Looking at living from a different perspective. A simple view.

The Living Root Bridges, Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Nature has all the answers. It also guides you if you’re willing to be open and receive the information. These Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya send a warm invitation across to the travelers for a deep and relaxing experience. Reading this book felt the same as being led by a calm voice of inner guidance and uplifting energy.

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