The Lies They Tell, The Lies We Buy


The lies they tellBuy this brush
to straighten your hair
Buy this cream
to make your skin fair

Eat this pill
to grow in height
Try this powder
to increase in height

One look in the mirror
fills you with hate ?
Try our diet
lose some weight

This tube will hide
bags under your eyes
So and so forth
continue the lies

They sell, we buy
only to sigh
When things don’t change
wondering why

Looks and body
Our colour our gait
We make them significant
and feel doomed by fate

We aspire to be
what the ads project
Our being, our truth
we constantly reject

We play the game
of ‘compare and compete’
Setting ourselves up
for eternal defeat

What if we embraced
whatever we be?
What if we liked
whatever we see ?

we let go of the need
to fulfill different criteria?
The madness of perfection
causing endless hysteria?

What if we knew
and believed it as well
we don’t need to be,
what others expect and tell?

What if we were fine
with everything we are!
What if we could shine
reclaiming our power?

What if we dared
to go beyond each label
saw ourselves
as competent and able?

What if we refuse
to buy and sell
The judgments, the stories
they make up and tell?

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