Rakshabandhan – The Bond of Brother-Sister

Rakhi-Bond of Brother-SisterDo you remember the small fights with your siblings on funny reasons and then patch ups? Childhood is considered as best part of life. Life seemed to be so simple with having small issues of chocolate and toy fights. When I think about my Indian tradition I feel very proud of being born in this incredible culture and country. Life is full of colourful ceremonies and rituals. If you start counting, you cannot find a single emotion or relationship that is missing or being ignored in my culture. Be it parents or lovers, be it mother in law or daughter and even the bond of brother – sister. Each and every relationship is given due importance by celebrating it in a festival form. Girls are worshipped (kanya-poojan) in Navratras by considering them Goddesses. And boys are pampered when the festival of Raksha-bandhan is celebrated.

Raksha-Bandhan or Rakhi is a celebration of brother – sister bond. This is not only a ceremony when a sister tie a Rakhi or thread on brother’s wrist but a renew of unsaid promise of support between them. This is reminder given to each other that no matter what happens we will always love and accept each other and support each other. In modern terms you may call Rakhi as friendship band. So, Rakhi is life long friendship of brother and sister even when they don’t live together in same home as they used to live in childhood; and also when they are living their lives separately (even different cities) with their life partner and children. The emotional and mental support, the childhood and teenage secrets are part of it. I still remember how we use to bunk tuitions, the hand made cards and gifts we use to give each other, sharing chocolates, writing long letters from hostels, protecting each other from bullying, going on long drives, gifting favourite music cassettes and all….

These days when I observe sibling’s relationships I find material gifts have taken more space than enjoying small pleasures. There is lack of communication and it is increasing more and more. We enjoy the company of gadgets more than real human beings. Due to less interaction the understanding level is also less. We are concerned with our own space rather than sharing. So now days the celebration of Rakhi has become more or less a formality of exchanging expensive gifts. It is very sad that even sisters take this

As an opportunity to take expensive gifts and big amount of money. The emotions are reduced. Till today instead of buying Rakhi from the market I always made it within my own hand to express my love for my brother. I never took any gift or money in exchange till my brother started earning. And I never demanded any specific amount or exchange.

I feel it is more important to spend time and relish old memories when we have become so busy in our careers. Lets go to the memory lane on this Rakhi when we go and meet our siblings.

Life is constantly moving and in our busy life style we have forgotten to relax and enjoy. We have stopped enjoying the present moment.

Try these few things on this Rakhi when you meet your brother-sisters. 

1. Understand emotions and feelings are more important than gifts.

2. When you buy rakhi for your brother, before tying hold it in your hands. Fill it with positive energy/memories. Say a prayer on it. If you are a healer then energize it. I’m sure the energy will touch the heart of your brother.

3. If you are giving gift to your sister consider her choice rather than giving expensive gift to show off. Don’t give for formality sake. Give it from the heart. Bless the gift as told above.

4. Spend time together enjoying the moment. If you have kids then tell them your childhood memories.

5. Be simple and authentic in relationships and enjoy life.

Happy Raksha – bandhan!

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