Love For a Reason, And Let That Reason Be Love

love for a reasonLove is life, love is trust.

Love is friendship, love is faith.


Love is prayer, love is blind…

Love is it? Love it is.


In your eyes i see, the deep sea of love

In your face i have, the trust of a friend..

In your voice i feel, the sweetness of life,

Love is life, love is prayer

Love is it? Love it is.


Love is inexplicable

L for lonliness, which i am feeling

O for opposition, that i got

V for victory, of my heart

E for ego, which you showed.


Love me if you can, i dont expect anything

But love makes me mad as

L for lovely, and its you

O for obssessed, i am getting towards you

V for vain, my effort got

E for eagerness, we used to feel


Love me for a reason, and let that reason be love

I admired your beauty, as a secret admirer

I smelt your fragrance, as a hidden one..


Life and death are two faces of a coin,

And love is in between them

I’ll love you in all my births

I’ll love you even after my death

For you, i may be common,

But for me,

You are someone specail in my heart

For whom i have a soft corner

For whom i have a freaky emotion


There’s a place in my heart

That’s been reserved for you

Since the begining of time

I love you

I love you

And love you always and forever….


-Neha Sharma

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