Explore the Joys of Being Alone

Explore the Joys of Being AloneIt’s important to learn to be alone. Alone is not lonely. It is about enjoying your own company, not needing someone or something. Being alone is not being sad. It’s about learning to enjoy your company. The gift of aloneness is meditation, contemplation and awareness. When you stop needing someone, you are ready for a relationship.

Relationship means to relate. In essence its relating to someone, their dreams, hopes and being. If you are not free and clear inside, you will not be able to see the other person. He/she will merely be your own reflection, at best a distorted picture of who you think that person is.

Your own filters in your mind will not let you see the whole of that person and you will miss to see the whole being. You will be trying to fit that special someone into your own mold of expectations. This is a recipe for disaster.

If the being is not free and clear from the inside, aloneness will create space to bring up all the repressed material – painful and uncomfortable emotions, feelings and events. This is why we are so inherently scared of aloneness. Osho says, “If you are not capable of being alone, your relationship is false. It is just a trick to avoid loneliness, nothing else.” Clear the stuff inside so that you can discover the joys of being alone.

Free your mind, clear it from the inside of all the filters. A clear mind is like still sparkling water. You can see everything that is on the other side very clearly. You can see the complete picture, the whole being. There wont be any need to run away from yourself by getting lost in someone or something else. Then and only then will you be ready to relate, to share and to see someone beyond you.

Originally Published at https://meetusehgal.wordpress.com/2015/12/24/explore-the-joys-of-being-alone/

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