Change Outlook And Attract Money

Attract AbundanceDiwali is festival of “light and abundance”. Light means ‘absence of darkness’. We understand “darkness” in mundane sense, where there is no light. Darkness is not symbolic of evil, negativity, and social evils only. For me “darkness” is also our negative thoughts and negative conditioning which we are still carrying with us.  

We have different thoughts and views regarding money. we all want to become rich but still we are not able to become rich. we want to become rich and at the same time we hate rich people. When we were children, our parents and family supported us. Whatever we wanted, it was given. As little children our wish was our parent’s command. The parents acted like a wish fulfilling jeanie. And we enjoyed the wonders of so many gifts. But when we grow up, slowly we find that our parents start categorizing our demands into rational and irrational. then there comes a time we need to give reason why we need it. if the reason is logical we get the thing otherwise we get a lecture…. a strong, practical lecture, “now you are grown up. How can you demand such things? Can’t you understand that money doesn’t grow on trees? We earn it through hard work”.

We are made to realize that money is very hard to achieve, one has to work very hard to earn it and so one can’t waste money. We learn from our environment that we need to handle money logically. So we are shifted from fairy land to a practical and harsh man land. We are conditioned with various negative programs from different people around us. Spiritual leaders tell us, “Money is evil”. If we ask for more money, we are considered “ greedy”. 

We are programmed that rich people are arrogant. So we want to become rich and at same time we don’t want to fall in the category of rich arrogant people. These contradictory thoughts block our subconscious mind. that’s why we are not able to become rich like other people. We associate guilt consciousness with money. So if we really want to become rich and enjoy money we need to look at our negative thought patterns and the blocks we are carrying and bring them into our conscious awareness. 

Let us understand that the whole cosmos is made up of energy. like our emotions, money is also energy that supports our life. We need to debunk this old negative conditioning that “I have to constantly work hard to achieve money”, “life is a struggle”, “life is a hard competition”, “there is not enough for everybody, so I have to snatch my share from others” and so on. Life becomes easier, effortless and graceful when we are taught that the universe or god is taking care of me and everybody. The universe is full of abundance and there is plenty for all of us. 


I am sharing tips to attract money which I have used in my own personal life. Many of my friends and clients have given wonderful feedback while by applying these tips. 

  1. Analyze your thoughts regarding money and change the negative ones.
  2. Do affirmations like, 
    1. I am open to receiving money now. 
    2. I live in a rich universe and there is plenty for all. 
    3. I am a ‘money magnet’ attracting money into my life now. 
    4. I trust in the flow of life now. I know universe/God is taking care of my needs now. 
  3. Treat money as energy and understand that energy needs to flow and circulate in the universe, so create balance by giving and taking energy (money). 
  4. To sustain money in your account, energize your money by putting it into a Red Cloth/Purse. 
  5. Also energize your money with power symbol of Reiki. 
  6. Take two boxes and whatever money you earn, fix a percentage you will donate every time into these two boxes. The percentage can vary from 1% to 10%. the money box No.1 should be used for donation purposes. The money you collect in 2nd box can be used for purchasing religious articles such as religious books, incense sticks etc. Do join spiritual or meditation workshops with this money. You can gift your loved one a spiritual course. This technique does miracle. 

Let’s celebrate this Diwali with fresh attitude towards money.

Happy Diwali!

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