Book Review: Stop the Excuses By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

‘I want to let go of my smoking.’

‘Do you really?’

‘Umm..yeah! I mean it isn’t good for health. I should leave it. I try but I fail every time…’

‘Do you really want to leave smoking?’

‘I just recalled I have a meeting. Gotta go. But I’ll surely book an appointment for some other day.’

Stop the Excuses cover
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Cribbing for something we want in our lives is what everyone does. Telling others around, helps to vent out for sure, but do you really feel better when you say it, or rather complain about? What if you could actually get what you want? How about manifesting it into your lives. For those who tend to think things are not possible, it’s this thought itself in the first place that prevents them from achieving it. Not many years ago, so many things weren’t possible, but technology did make it happen. A video call, airplanes, almost everything around us, from the leather boots to UV- protection eyewear.


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that everything is possible but the fact that one is not ready or rather willing to change, makes it out of the question.

So, the question is not whether ‘it’s possible’?

But, ‘Do I want it?’

The root of resistance is present in our minds, and statements like, ‘There will be family Drama’, or ‘No one will help me’, or, ‘I can’t afford it’, or, ‘It has never happened before’, or, ‘I’m not old/smart/strong enough’ or that ‘I don’t deserve it…’ support our mental hindrances.

‘Stop the Excuses!’ a book by very famous writer and motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer talks about all these various statements and how to overcome them. It challenges the beliefs that can no longer hold us back if we’re willing to walk on the path of transformation.

About the Author

Dr. Dyer is a well-known author, has been a professor and a motivational speaker in the fields of personal growth and development. His work by imparting knowledge to college-level students and in clinical psychology, he found out that there’s a need to bring the principles of self-discovery and personal growth to the society at large. His first book, an international bestseller, ‘Your Erroneous Zones’ published in 1976, was a start to his career as an author.

His graduation was from Denby High School, and he served in the United States Navy for four years. He received his Ed.D. Degree in counseling from Wayne State University. He published many best-selling books in a series, relating to practical psychology on self-improvement and later went on to experience the spiritual aspects of human beings.

His major works are- 10 Secrets of Success and Inner Peace (2002), I Can See Clearly Now (2014), Pulling Your Own Strings (1978), Real Magic: Creating Miracles in Everyday Life (1992), and many others.

He believed in reminding people of to be attuned to their higher purpose in order to live an extraordinary life. In his words, ‘We are not our bodies, our possessions or our careers. Who we are is, Divine Love and that is Infinite.’ Inspiring many during his lifetime and also after his demise through his books and audio-video recorded programs, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer touched the hearts of several across the globe as his fans called him, ‘Father of Motivation’.

Me says:

It’s not easy for a girl like me to pick a single book from the lot, knowing it’d be good. So when this one was handed by a dear friend, I thought, ‘Let’s see what it has to say.’ It came as a surprise to me that almost all the excuses stated in the book have been used by me at some point or other in my life. I thought to myself, ‘what are the odds?!’

There are things which your mind tells you to do or not to do and then there are other things. Some really amazing and crazy ones and a few not so crazy ones. But, every time I try to reach out to this awesome set of things, I hear, ‘Naaaah! Not gonna happen. This ain’t no shit!’ The other day, I thought of telling my boyfriend about this super fun trip I’ve been planning around his birthday, which I told him. (You can’t give that nut-head a surprise! Totally gonna spoil that one!) So this was his reply, ‘Roosh, I’m not sure. I’ll have to see. I’ll let you know.’

It made sense to me after I read this book and got to know all about resistance. I decided to drop the idea altogether. The next day, when I woke up, I realized I wanted to go but I was feeling conscious about going with him in particular. I sat with the feeling, experiencing it completely in my body. Almost an hour later, he called me to inform that he’s been thinking of going on that trip with me and will also ask a few others as, the more the merrier! I agreed.

Just five minutes later, it struck me. That’s what I wanted.

Awareness comes from opening up to the many possibilities in this Universe. This book provides a bridge to unlearn what we believe to be true so far. It is helpful only if you want to bring a change. Are you willing?

‘Ever been to?’ Verdict

Understanding the concepts of this Universe is just like studying about Stonehenge. When you visit this place, you realize the structure comprising of a few heavy rocks may have a meaning. There are various theories behind the purpose of its existence. It is believed to have been built around 3500 BC by semi-nomadic people.


The mystery experienced with all the facts and research associated with this place is quite similar to what I faced after knowing what the book had to convey.

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