Book Review: How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Peter McWilliams, Harold H. Bloomfield and Melba Colgrove

ISBN: 9780931580437
Number of pages – 212 pages
Publisher: Prelude Press
Price: Rs. 458/-

How to survive the loss of a love
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As all of you would have guessed by now this book is a self-help book to help you cope up with the loss of love in your life. But the thing which sets this book apart from the other self-help books is, its definition of love. We all believe that love is a feeling we have for our partners. But in this book, the term love has been used for many things. It is about loving your house, your surroundings, your job, a dream and many other such things.

The most wonderful thing here is the way the authors have dealt with this entire issue of failing in love. They have very nicely presented it with beautiful poems, quotations and small actionables very well knowing that in such a state of mind the person would not be in a condition to read a long note on to-do and don’ts. They have been very empathetic towards the readers and covered some very crucial and important points in an easygoing manner. No wonder since its first edition this book still continues to be one of the best sellers solely because of its uniqueness.  Because it just refuses to be outdated. It is as relevant as it was at that time.

I had seen this book at a book fair and what attracted me to it first was its striking front page. The design, the colour and the feel everything is so catchy that it was difficult to ignore it as it sat there on a pile of other books. I then wanted to discard it thinking of it to be some gospel on love which was not something that I needed at that time. But as I read the first few pages I saw that it was something more than that. The words that struck me the most were – If you have recently lost your job, changed cities, faced the death of a loved one, or the death of a dream – this book is for you. This was so profound that it left an ever-lasting impression on my mind and I bought it then and there without a second thought.

That was some 8 years ago. Since then till now this book has helped me in more than one ways. I read it when I am feeling low most importantly without any particular reason for it inspires me. It somehow tells me that everything is not lost yet. It gives me the courage to look for a silver lining amongst all those dark clouds that I am surrounded with at that time.

The poems shared there with some amazing quotes make it a very light read. The main thing is you don’t need to read it from start to finish to get it completely. You can randomly start from any page or section as suitable to you. Needless to add the simplicity of the language makes it a perfect read specially at times when we are badly looking for some signal that it is all going to be okay soon if not now. This book is an instant pick me , highly recommended for people looking for some light read during depressing times.

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