Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

The only duty you have is to be happy. Make it a religion. If you are not happy, then whatsoever you are doing, something must be wrong and some drastic change is needed. Let happiness decide. I am a hedonist. And happiness is the only criterion man has. So always look at what happens when you do something: if you become peaceful or restful, it is right.

Looking for me

Looking For Me

[pullquote-left]“What I was looking for was, indeed, also looking for me. Phew! – reedited from Rumi”[/pullquote-left] If he could only explain to the whole world how much and how madly he loved her, how she possessed him, how he was nothing but her and how fully united he felt even though they had never actually …

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